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Greatest Bankruptcy Firm Ever

This was the second time I had to file Bankruptcy in my life. The first time was a nightmare. My First lawyer never explained anything to me and I could never get him on the phone.  With Greg, he took the time to explain everything to me and always answered my questions, and I was able to get them on the phone.  I would highly recommend him.



During my child custody battle I was referred to Greg. He has went above and beyond to help me with what is best for my daughter and continues to answer any questions that I might have. With Greg's help, I was able to obtain full custody of my daughter. I would recommend him to anyone in need of child custody, divorce, etc.


Outstanding Service and Commitment

If there was one single title to sum up Gregory Faries, it would be "Miracle Worker", but he is so much more than that. Gregory is a lawyer that genuinely cares about his clients and has saved my life and my money, on quite a few different occasions including earlier today. Over the past 5 years that he has been my lawyer I have hired him on 3 different occasions and each and every time that he has represented me, he has delivered the most favorable result that I could possibly have hoped for. Not only is he the best lawyer that I've ever seen, but he genuinely wants the very best for his clients, and because of that, you can count on him to always go the extra mile and use every resource at his disposal for his clients. This is a man that you go to if you want to win your case. Hands down, he is the best of the best and he went so far out of his way to save me money, and save me money he did. Today with the cost of living where it is, and having a tax problem as large as mine was, it would have devastated me and thrown my life upside down. I would have been completely unable to provide for my family, if I had to pay the full amount that I owed. The reason that I call Gregory a miracle worker is because he took that tax liability, and got it completely dropped. I don’t even see how it was possible, especially with the amount of money that I owed, but amazingly he did it! This is the 3rd time in the past 5 years that I have been a client of Gregory. Each time he has taken a bad situation and turned it around for me, and each and every time the odds were so stacked against me. That's the difference between Gregory and most any other lawyer. He cares and because of that, he uses his vast amount of talent to get results. I don't know what I would have done without Mr. Faries. Thank God for him! I would never want to go to court without him in my corner. It goes without saying that I highly recommend retaining him if you want to come out on top.


Tax Debt Attorney Group

Court Advice

We met with Mr. Dean concerning contractual issues for services not rendered to our business. Mr. Dean reviewed our documents. He discovered several areas that were in favor to us. As a business owner, having this type of service is invaluable. Mr. Dean was spot-on on his analysis. Thanks Richard! Appreciate your professionalism and timely responses.


Good Communication/Excellent Attorney

Always took the time to listen to me, and really fought for me. I would highly recommend them.


Great Tax Firm

When I started having problems with the IRS, I was really scared.  Calling Richard F Dean was the best call I ever made.  He spent time to listen to my concerns and kept me informed on each step of the process.  But most importantly, Richard solved my tax problem.