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Business In Trouble with the IRS?

Does your company owe back income taxes or payroll taxes with crushing penalties? Are you facing Civil Penalties? Does it seem like you are just getting further behind or that you will never be able to get back on firm financial footing?  Or, is the IRS threatening or already put a levy on your business?

We understand what it's like to run a business and can help you get your tax problems resolved. We can not only help you get your current problems we can help you to understand how to avoid  problems in the future.

So if you have problems with your payroll, income taxes or 
Civil Penalties? We can help. 

We want to help you put your problems in the past, move 
forward, and be successful. 

My Pledge:
You will have an attorney working hard with you and for you producing results. Your case will never be handled by just a paralegal, case manager or enrolled agent.

We will find the best option you qualify for under the law, whether that is getting you placed in currently not collectible (you just don’t have money to pay the IRS) an offer in compromise (settle for less than you owe the IRS), installment agreement (monthly payment), innocent spouse relief, or bankruptcy.

I want to sit down face to face with you and help you; I also want your referrals.  Can a nationwide company say that?   

Offices in:

Jackson & Vicksburg Mississippi


Benton Louisiana.

       Tax Attorney and Bankruptcy Attorney

Faries & Associates, LLC Tax Resolution

We normally charge less than the national companies, yet you get better quality and individual attention, faster speed of resolution and a bigger tax reduction. The reason is, we are local, and work to produce quality not quantity. We want your referrals.

We can help by:

  • File back tax returns
  • Reduce or stop Garnishment and Levies
  • Set-up of the lowest payment plan
  • Currently not collectible
  • Prepare an Offer in Compromise
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Defend you in an IRS audit
  • Defend you in Tax Court

Get that weight off your back!


• You owe the IRS back taxes
• You have not filed your Federal or State tax returns
• You owe the state of Mississippi or Louisiana back taxes

• You are getting letters from the IRS or State

• You have a tax lien put in place by the IRS or State
• You owe back payroll taxes
• The IRS has issued a levy on your wages or bank account
• A Revenue Officer has contacted you
• You are being audited by IRS or the State

​​​​• Tax Relief through Bankruptcy

Contact US for a free confidential tax analysis and get the IRS off your Back.


Offices in Jackson, Vicksburg Mississippi

and Benton Louisiana.

Is there a tax bill hanging over your head? Has  the IRS sent you letter saying they are going to levy yous? Or,  has the IRS put a levy on your bank account or wages?

There is relief for you tax issues and you have come to the right place. A tax attorney will find you a way out from that huge weight crushing down on you.