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Fair Debt Collection Practices Act 

Fair Credit Reporting Act

Inaccurate, false and derogatory credit can mean you are denied a job, the home of your dreams, or a new car.  What you need is someone on your side to hlep you improve your credit score and get the compensation you deserve for the problems that creditors or the credit bureau have caused you.

STOP bad Credit from

holding you back

Did you lose your job because of a debt collector calling you at work? Or has a collector been threatening you with legal action they can't really do?  This is against the law and you may be due compensation for their wrongful actions.

Denied a credit card, home loan or car loan?

Don't think there is nothing you can do when you are saying my interest rate is too high, or the credit Bureau reduced my credit score.

Are you looking at your credit report and saying I paid this debt off already or I closed out that debt is from 10 years ago?

Inaccurate, false or derogatory items on your credit report can cause you to be subjected to a high interest rate, or be denied credit.

If you are a victim of inaccurate credit history we can help and you may be due compensation.

STOP Debt Collector Harassment!

Get the Credit You Deserve​

Inaccurate Credit Score

Sometimes bad things happen to good  people at no fault of their own. An inaccurate credit report can cause a bank to deny a mortgage, a credit card company to deny credit or charge a higher rate due to errors on your credit report.  Problems and errors on the credit report can damage from old debt that was paid off years ago to debt that does not belong to you. 

There is good news.

There are legal remedies for these situations under the Fair Debt Collection Act. The purpose of this law is to punish creditors and debt collection companies. Creditor harassment should not be tolerated. 

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Fair Debt Collections and Fair Credit Reporting

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